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19.07.2011 [by SM0BYD)

Your DX editor is hoping for your assistance!!
So, in other words....get to it and share your HF experiences with us!

Your eventual contribution is most welcome!
My e-mail address: sm0gyx (at) ssa.se
or, to : sm0byd161cw (at) gmail.com
We hope that youll here find whats going on on our HF bands.

The URL to bookmark, reads: http://www.sk0hb.se/dxnytt.htm

Thanks a million, in advance and good hunting!

Uwe / SM0GYX
& Hans / SM0BYD

, by SK0HB members:
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Blue:     SM0BYD (usually operating via a remote location )
Green:  SA0BFW (most of the time, with a LW from the balcony!)



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WM7Ds Solar Resource Page:

Now, the fun RADIO part

By 3Z9DX Dom Grzyb

Rules for DXing
How to have more FUN on the Bands:


1. If you come upon a pileup, find the exact DX frequency and slowly tune up your KW right on his frequency. Take your time doing this
as it has maximum effect this way. The longer you take, the better. It lets others know that YOU are going to call the DX.

2. If you cannot wait to find out the DX call sign, ask, "What is the DX call sign?" On CW send ?DX ?? Call?" Do NOT listen, this takes
time. DO this repeatedly until someone gives you the DX call. This will show all others on frequency that you are serious about wanting
to work this DX. This is called sharing. 3. When you find out the DX call, repeat your call over and over again on the DX frequency. Even
if he is working split there is a chance he may be listening on his transmit frequency. 4. When the DX says "ABC only"- Don't believe him.
If he says "Europe only" - Don't believe him. If he says, "2's only" - Don't believe him. Keep giving your call "XYZ ? !!.XYZ !! . XYZ !!
How Copy MARIO?" Make sure you use his name when you call him, he may think you are someone he knows. It must work as we hear it
on bands all the time so it has to be effective. Don't pay attention to directional calls.
When did any DX know what they wanted ? What matters most is what YOU want. 5. To get the DX to work other modes tell him you want
to set up a schedule later which is convenient to you. You should wait until the pileup has built up to several hundred and just before the band
is about to go out, then ask him to meet you on CW, PSK31, RTTY or SSB at a set time and frequency. Above all, make sure you tell him that
YOU need him on these modes. This will endear you in the hearts of all on frequency, it shows that you can work more than one mode and are
a well- rounded amateur. 6. If you have worked the DX previously make sure you call him and tell him that he is stronger than the last 6 times
you worked him this
week. The DX station will want to know this. Others on frequency will respect you more, you will be recognized as a Big Gun DXer .

7. When you find a DX pileup, to bring your operating skills to a higher level and impress all those on frequency - Zero beat the DX send
"QRL? Is this frequency in use?" This shows character and that you are truly a caring person. 8. When finally making the DX contact, give
the DX some background about yourself, TX, RX, ANT, WX, how many children and grandchildren you have, where they went to college,
what size bedroom slipper you wear, or any other items of interest to the DX. This shows that you are not just a 59 kind of guy.
This is most effective when the band is just about to fold. 9. After you have worked the DX you will need the QSL route. Although this will
be listed on theDX packet cluster, in ARRL & DX News Letters, and on the Internet, there is no reason for you to go to all the bother of reading
these sources. You can just keep calling on the DX frequency."What is the QSL Information?" If you don't get a reply with the information after
8 or 10 calls, keep it up, your persistence will payoff . There are plenty of other stations on frequency who are waiting to work the DX who have
read these publications and they willing and ready to help you.

Rules for THE FUN MODE 1. For a split operation, spend most of your day listening and transmitting on the DX sending frequency. On CW,
if someone calls on the DX transmitting frequency, right away using your J-38 at 4 WPM, send VP.UG.NP .UP. until you get it right. If the
station continues to call on the DX frequency, then send LSD LIB LED. LIDuntil you get it right. This has three benefits.
A. Others waiting to work the DX will be forever indebted to you for informing the offending station that the DX is working split.
B. The offending station will be grateful.
C. You will get some needed code practice to get you over that 5 WPM hump. 2. For those with CW and voice memory keyers this will be easy.
All you have to do is program in " UP"and "LID". For the more advanced operators you can add "SPLIT" "YOU IDIOT, WORKING SPLIT" .
Using the memory keyers for your day's activity will save your voice.
Should you happen by chance to have a QSO you will need it. As always.... Work 'em First and never confirm ! :) PS. If You cant get a good signal report?!?
Just simply go higher......see how it is done in other countries. :)


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GOOD Hunting! 161/Uwe SM0GYX & Hans SM0BYD