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Paul Gaskell, G4MWO, editor of the 5MHz Newsletter


And the OK1RP, Petr page: http://60mband.blogspot.se/2015/10/the-5-mhz-newsletter-edition-14-summer.html


Another page that you ought to like is this, which includes among other things, a worldwide 5MHz channel list:

You should also try the VE7CC-1 CC Cluster!
Check this URL: http://ve7cc.net/


Don’t forget our website at www.60metersonline.com . We are still looking for more pictures. On the home page,
click on pictures to see those that have already sent theirs. We want to put a face to your call sign.

Submit your photos to webmaster@60metersonline.com . We would also be happy to post your country totals.

Send those numbers to our webmaster as well. They are posted on the home page under the “Achievement” button.



Joe Pater W8GEX

January 31, 2019

Because providers are trying to eliminate spam it is much more difficult to send bulk emails. I am now using another method which should be much easier on everyone. 

Current and past newsletters will continue to be posted on the website: www.60metersonline.com.  

Please continue to contact me about any news you have so that I can forward to the group, including any information about activity or upcoming DXpeditions.  Please send it to me at  W8GEX@aol.com

A huge thank you to Mike, our webmaster, and Bill AJ8B, who have worked with me to convert our list to Mail Chimp.  Bill is an active ham in many aspects and does other newsletters.  Mike is not a ham, but does manage many websites. If you haven’t checked the website recently, please do so:  www.60metersonline.com .  And as a reminder, we can always use donations to help support the website; information is posted online.

Thank you to everyone for helping me promote 60 meters.  I appreciate all of your input. 


The 5 MHz Newsletter
The latest edition of  The 5 MHz Newsletter  (No 22 Autumn/Winter 2018) is now available for free pdf download from the ‘External Links’ section of the Wikipedia 60m Band page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/60-meter_band#External_links or the RSGB 5 MHz page  http://rsgb.org/main/operating/band-plans/hf/5mhz/ .

This edition includes 5 MHz news from 10 countries, features the latest number of CEPT countries on 5 MHz, Exercise Blue Ham 100 and an article on Taking Care on 5357.

Cheers  Paul Gaskell G4MWO
Editor,  The 5 MHz Newsletter

Czech Republic:
The OK operators have lost 12 experimental channels by end of year. Now WRC-15 only is available on regular basis. Many thanks. Petr OK1RP

9X Rwanda:
DF2WO, Harald, plans to be back in Kigali operating 9X2AW from January 19 to February 14. He will be using a Hexbeam and verticals for 160 and 80 meters. He will concentrate on 160, 80 and 60 meters and will be on other bands and times as conditions warrant. Harald encourages schedules by email.

Andre, ON7YK, is once again active as C5YK from Bijilo until March 9th, 2019. Activity will be on 60/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 meters using mostly FT8 as well as CW, SSB,
QSL via his home callsign, direct, LoTW or eQSL. Please NO QSL direct to his home address before March 15th, 2019!!!! Visit his Web page at:


Uruguay and Paraguay
Dale/N3BNA is operating from the station of ZP5DBC. He may also use his portable call, but is busy chasing DX as ZP5DBC.

I am working from a busy place in the middle of the city. With a 220kv power about 150 ft and a Cell tower with a 5kw inverter about 75 feet away. I have the Ic7300 and the Ts590s, but the smog is terrible. Worked for years no 160m Hi some new comer SM6 on DX summit says I don’t have ears!!  I would be glad to send him a recording of my s9+ background noise for his superstation to decode !!
73 de Ralf DL3JJ

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Canada: New freqs

http://www.southgatearc.org/ news/2017/august/canada-to- add-5-mhz-and-keep-five- existing-domestic-channels. htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_ medium=email&utm_campaign= Feed%3A+AmateurRadioNews+% 28Southgate+Amateur+Radio+ News%29#.WZsnOVSGPct

Cheers Paul G4MWO Editor, The 5 MHz Newsletter

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Directions to DXCC 60 Meters applicant:

1) Read detailed rules carefully in the W8GEX most recent 60m Newsletter. There will be no SSB or CW
only DXCC certificates issued at this time. There will be NO numbered certificates, to be fair to all DXers
and to avoid a situation based on date of application, date of 100th confirmation received, etc.

2) Fill out application form based on your CONFIRMED DXCC contacts on 60m. You will be asked for
specific cards after your application is reviewed. Initial application form with rules can be sent by K3ZXL
by emailing him and he will send you a PDF file to fill out and forward to K5YY. Or you may send a reasonable
DXCC alphabetical country list of your 100 CONFIRMED entities of your own design, including your call, email
address and signed attestation and date. Confirmed call, country, date/time of QSO and mode are required for
completeness on whichever form you use.. 60m must be shown on the QSL.

3) Sort QSO details in order by DXCC country prefixes. Only 100 QSOs need be on the application, even if you
have more than 100 confirmed.

4) Initial application is sent to K5YY at the QRZ.com address OR via email to k5yy1@cox.net. No cards required
at this stage.

5) After review and with any consultations with our advisory team, you will be emailed the specific list of cards K5YY
needs to see. You must include postage for return mail postage the same way the cards were sent to K5YY, ie Registered
or Certified mail. This avoids having to send
all 100 cards and is meant to simplify matters while still adhering to ethical standards and some strict protocols.

6) All applicants will be expected to submit about 20-25 cards, especially CONFIRMED QSOs with Africa, Asia, Pacific
and South America
if they are on the list of 100 claimed CONFIRMED countries. Other cards will be asked for depending on the complete
application list content.
NO email, photo scanned copies of cards will be accepted. No exceptions. All cards asked for will be sent to K5YY for
review. Our long time
60m DXer “advisory” members will be used if necessary.

7) Upon return of QSLs to the applicant, one must then send a DXCC processing fee of $15 for USA hams and $20 for
foreign hams to K3ZXL
for one of the initial 60m DXCC gold seal certificates. As with the WAS award, the gold seal is applied to the first 25
60m DXCCs issued.

8) Further questions may be sent to me at k5yy1@cox.net . Applications and subsequent cards requested are to be sent
to my K5YY QRZ.com
address at my POB 6366 in Springdale, AR 72766.